About us

We are Cyclopaths Bike Shop. We were founded with the idea of bringing top level quality and service to not only enthusiast riders and racers, but also casual riders and their children as well. The founder, Mike Burnell, has been in the industry for over 15 years, working in and managing high level shops, with customer bases ranging from average Joes to pros.

This is no place for bike snobs. We like all bikes, and we like fixing them. In fact, we have as much fun working on rusty commuter bikes as we do on high end machines made from materials that most people can’t even spell. We can even set you up with a new bike if that rusty commuter has finally had it or another element is added to the periodic table. We also try to keep a wide selection of the obsolete and specialty tools, parts, and accessories in stock necessary to keep those bikes going.

We also know that it is no longer the 1980s, and that e-commerce is real and here. We will gladly service any bicycles, parts and accessories purchased elsewhere, with obvious exclusions of unsafe, counterfeit, or stolen products. We maintain a wide selection of parts, accessories, and tools to keep you on the road and make your riding as safe and enjoyable as possible.